General Parking: General parking is located in the "General" ("G") lot off Miles Avenue. Parking is $25 per car, per entry. For day sessions only, if you leave and want to re-enter before 4:30pm, you may re-enter at no additional charge by checking with a parking attendant before you exit the parking lot. If re-entering after 4:30pm you will have to pay for parking again.

Disabled Parking: General Disabled Parking is available at the South Miles General "G" Parking Lot. Patrons who use a wheelchair will be directed to the “WC” Parking Lot adjacent to the North Gate entrance, provided they have a WC placard. You must have a valid, current disabled placard, sticker or license plate issued by the DMV to park in General Disabled or WC parking lots.

Valet Parking: Patrons with a Valet parking pass ("V") will park in the lot located on the East side of the tournament site ("V") and is accessed from Washington Street through Gate 2.

VIP Self-Parking: Patrons with a "B" Parking pass will be directed to the "B" parking lot which is located on the North side of the tournament site and is accessed from Warner Trail through Gate 9.

Daily Parking Passes: Daily Parking passes to the General Parking lot “G” are available for purchase online until February 11, 2018. Daily General Parking Passes can also be purchased upon entry to parking lot “G” during the tournament at a cost of $25 per day. An Event Pass, valid for all 23 sessions (Mon. 3/5-Sun. 3/18) is $300.

Bikes: Bike racks are located at the North, South and East Gate entrances. The Tournament is not responsible for damage or theft. No Parking Fee will be charged to those spectators riding a bike and placing it at a designated bike rack.